Gotta be the best cupcakes in town!

Banner inside the shop

I keep hearing my cousin talking about the sweet stuff cupcake shop and how amazing the cupcakes are. And since cupcakes are all around town, I wasn’t really looking  to try any . Well I finally took the plunge after all and decided to go there today.

I ordered six cupcakes, one flavor of each ( i went late, the rest of the flavors were OUT 😦 ),so anyway, to make a long love story short, the cupcakes were smooth and soft it was hard to believe they were made locally! I’d say they were imported from somewhere fancy,lol. Everything from the display of the cupcakes to the way they tasted illustrated precision at its finest.

that's what the fuss is all about!

The place is small and cozy with a wonderful artistic decoration:

P.S: they even have low-calorie cupcakes 😉

And no, I didn’t eat all the cupcakes, I took one bite of each.


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