Bamboo: symbol of luck and success.

Lucky Bamboo, what we know as Bamboo, isn’t even a bamboo! In fact, it is the type of the Lily plant that grow in tropical rainforests. We usually buy small lucky bamboos for decoration purposes, after all , they do look cute! But what’s interesting about lucky bamboos is that they are related to Feng Shui techniques: the balance of wood and water in a room.

The lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboos are not only nice to have around the house, but they are also easy to care for. They don’t need to be placed under direct sunlight and require a little watering…


Add a touch of art to your home!

Most of the houses in Dubai are small and very expensive at the same time. Renting a one or two bedroom apartment in a decent area for a year could cost a leg and an arm! And to top it all off, hiring an interior designer to decorate this tiny and pricey apartment would somehow be impossible, especially in this economical crisis. So, when I moved to my new apartment, I decided to decorate my house myself. A cheap bucket of paint from Ace hardware can do the trick for a start!

Below are some nice and creative ideas. You don’t have to be an artist to paint on your wall! You can print the design you like, and using a pencil and a carbon paper, copy the design you chose on the wall and start painting!