Jumeirah Islands residents complain of ‘foul’ lake

Residents of the Palm Jumeira are complaining about the terrible smell of their villa lake…

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Freak show on the road!

“Am the one ur mama warned u about” , “ON BORD” and “SHORTY” is what’s written on this car. I don’t understand how people think it’s cool to drive around with misspelled pointless stickers on their cars.

Dean & Deluca: the 3 must-haves.

The D&D napkin

For those of you who don’t know what Dean & Deluca is, well it’s time for you to google it, find the nearest location and go try it out. I am a big fan of D&D food, to be more specific, every time I go, I order the exact same thing.

First, I start with the mint lemonade. It’s not like any other lemonade I’ve had, I have no idea what they put in it, but it is the best! Make sure you ask for the mint lemonade with crushed ice.

Mouth-watering picture!

So the drink is set. Next thing, I order the D&D club sandwich. I must say again, it is not like any other club sandwich… The sandwich, which comes with baked potato chips, is enough to feed two people or one very hungry person.


And at last, for dessert, I order waffles from their breakfast menu. They make it fresh, that’s why you’ll have about 10 minutes to digest the club sandwich before the waffles are served. They are scrumptious, especially with the melted icing sugar they sprinkle on top!

What’s a Blackberry without its service?

It all started as a rumor here in Dubai, but I guess it’s official now. DU, the telecommunication  company in Dubai, sent out the email below to all the DU customers.

Dear Customers,

We have been notified on August 1st 2010 by an instruction from the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the UAE that certain BlackBerry services will be suspended starting October 11th, 2010.

BlackBerry Email, BlackBerry web browsing, social networking, and instant messaging services on BlackBerry devices that are supported as part of the BlackBerry service, will be suspended.

Customers will be able to continue using their BlackBerry devices for Voice, SMS, MMS and web browsing not using blackberry service as these services will remain unaffected. Other applications which do not use the BlackBerry services will also not be affected.

This is an important decision taken by the Telecommunications Regulatory authority and as a licensed telecom service provider we shall fully comply by this instruction.

Since a number of du customers are BlackBerry subscribers, du will ensure that it provides all its affected customers with an alternative solution that meets their needs with minimal disruption to their services.

In the coming days du will be making an announcement on the full plan and shall inform all customers on the implementation of this alternative plan.

As a reasonable service provider, we have an obligation to always act within the law and the regulations of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the UAE, while at the same time, providing our customers with the best possible service.

We will update you regularly on the developments. You can also get further information through our website, call centre, du shops and via advertorials in leading newspapers.

Best Regards

“In their current form, certain BlackBerry services allow users to act without any legal accountability, causing judicial, social and national security concerns for the U.A.E.,”

Up CLOSEt and personal: Own your own designer’s bag now!

I came across this page on facebook that had pictures of designers’ bags, and since one of my addictions is bags, I had to check it out of course. I surfed through the page and found a variety of to-die-for Louis Vuittons in very reasonable prices, some were more than half off the original price!

Picture taken from "The closet" facebook page

The person behind “The closet” will also sell your second handbags for you, nice ha :D?

And to top it all off, they offer free delivery to certain countries.

* Will be posting my pictures when I go visit this interesting place 🙂

Gotta be the best cupcakes in town!

Banner inside the shop

I keep hearing my cousin talking about the sweet stuff cupcake shop and how amazing the cupcakes are. And since cupcakes are all around town, I wasn’t really looking  to try any . Well I finally took the plunge after all and decided to go there today.

I ordered six cupcakes, one flavor of each ( i went late, the rest of the flavors were OUT 😦 ),so anyway, to make a long love story short, the cupcakes were smooth and soft it was hard to believe they were made locally! I’d say they were imported from somewhere fancy,lol. Everything from the display of the cupcakes to the way they tasted illustrated precision at its finest.

that's what the fuss is all about!

The place is small and cozy with a wonderful artistic decoration:

P.S: they even have low-calorie cupcakes 😉

And no, I didn’t eat all the cupcakes, I took one bite of each.

Ragmatazz-tic handmade patchwork in Dubai!

The only reason why I go to festival center here in Dubai is because Ikea is there… So, on my way walking to Ikea, to my surprise, I came across all these colorful stands with each selling handmade arts & crafts. Apparently, every Friday, ARTE (Artisans of the Emirates) allows locally based artisans to promote their UAE made arts & crafts. Anyway, one of the stands really grabbed my attention with all the colored handmade items displayed on the table. The lady at the Ragmatazz stand was kind enough to explain to me the whole concept behind their exquisite items. She told me her mom designs and makes all the items they sell.

Handmade patch work banner

Ragmatazz creates a wide variety of items at reasonable prices,that I  can’t begin to describe, check their website out

Colors, and more colors 🙂

A message to all shopaholics :

Souq.com, Souq is an arabic word for market, is a website that basically offers everything! You can buy or sell anything you want. This website has a variety of everything that can come to your mind, they also sell or rent properties…

My favorite category is “art & collectables” 🙂

The law of attraction

I came across this ad earlier today on facebook… It’s about meet up groups with motivational speakers, something to do with positive energies.

So, if you’re familiar with the law of attraction, or would like to know more about it,  here’s the link : http://www.lawofattractiondubai.com/

On a Friday night…in Dubai

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