OpenIDEO: a new world of brainstorming

If you are into arts, graphic design, web design, advertising, marketing or anything related to the word design, then you might be interested in this online platform. It is made for creative thinkers to collaborate in a community full of creativity, weather whether by getting inspiration, participating in a concept or even by evaluating other elements. It’s all about the teamwork after all 🙂

Check out how it works…


Top 100 Trends in July 2010

From Invisible Underwear to Haute Couture Pasties. I am glad I’m not a trend freak!

take a look at the other 97 trends…

The virtual way to get opinions on your outfit

Gone are the days when shopping with the girlfriends was the most exciting thing to do. People find it easier and less time consuming to shop online in order to get better deals, even though it’s not as much fun as actually walking around till your legs can’t carry you anymore 😉 It turns out, you can even get online opinions for your outfits, shoes, bags, accessories …

It’s weird that the internet nowadays could potentially become a substitute for girlfriends’ opinions! Well, when it comes to it, nothing can replace my girls. So this whole online thing doesn’t work for me 😀

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Whining took another level:now you can whine online too!

I whine, he whines she whines and everyone keeps whining. We ( as in I don’t know who exactly ), whine through blogging, smsing, facebooking, e-mailing, foursquaring, twittering and the list goes on… But just now, I discovered there is a website especially for whining! All you do is whine anonymously about anything, read about other people’s whining and even comment on “whines”.. As if all the other social networks weren’t enough…

If you are interested in whining, or would like to read about other people’s whining, click here.

Disc Doctor retrieved my pictures!

A while ago, all the pictures I have ever owned in the past year suddenly vanished. I looked everywhere on my computer, and they are just not there! So, my husband and I took it to the Apple store, where they referred us to the service center who told us that it might take more than 10 days. So, we googled other computer tech places and we were surprised that the cost to do the job would be between 170$ to 350$ !

Anyway, to make a very long story short, we did some further googling and  we finally found a software  that can retrieve all missing files for only 69$. It lets you download a demo first, and then, if the missing files show up in the demo, you’ll need to buy it in order to retrieve.

Selecting the images I want to retrieve 🙂

Well, I found all my files and I am so happy… Next time you lose something on your computer, you won’t have to panic, here’s the link :

Brian is an intern, his job is to date chicks: so let’s support him !

Meet Brian, a 23y.o intern who, part of his internship, vowed to go out with 30 girls in 30 nights…Well that’s what I call and exhausting job!

Anyway, he is depending on social networks to find interesting and willing subjects, so let’s help him spread the word and get over his internship 😀

Here’s the link to his interesting social-media stunt: