OpenIDEO: a new world of brainstorming

If you are into arts, graphic design, web design, advertising, marketing or anything related to the word design, then you might be interested in this online platform. It is made for creative thinkers to collaborate in a community full of creativity, weather whether by getting inspiration, participating in a concept or even by evaluating other elements. It’s all about the teamwork after all ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out how it works…


Top 100 Trends in July 2010

From Invisible Underwear to Haute Couture Pasties. I am glad I’m not a trend freak!

take a look at the other 97 trends…

Whining took another level:now you can whine online too!

I whine, he whines she whines and everyone keeps whining. We ( as in I don’t know who exactly ), whine through blogging, smsing, facebooking, e-mailing, foursquaring, twittering and the list goes on… But just now, I discovered there is a website especially for whining! All you do is whine anonymously about anything, read about other people’s whining and even comment on “whines”.. As if all the other social networks weren’t enough…

If you are interested in whining, or would like to read about other people’s whining, click here.

Brian is an intern, his job is to date chicks: so let’s support him !

Meet Brian, a 23y.o intern who, part of his internship, vowed to go out with 30 girls in 30 nights…Well that’s what I call and exhausting job!

Anyway, he is depending on social networks to find interesting and willing subjects, so let’s help him spread the word and get over his internship ๐Ÿ˜€

Here’s the link to his interesting social-media stunt:

Goodbye PowerPoint, hello Flixtime!

I am not a fan of powerpoint, i find it a little bit complicated and a time consuming software. So this morning, while flipping through the Tv channels, I saw BBC playing a demo about something called Flixtime. Flixtime lets you upload pictures, add text and choose your background music.

Of course, I went to check it out, and here’s what I did in exactly 3 minutes! :

I am sure if i updated my registration to the PRO one, i will be able to do a lot more. It is also great for personal portfolios.